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1.5.5 RQ-TQ imbalance is worsened by current education methods

During the last sixteen years, I observed numerous problems that were hindering scientific research. I have met students and researchers from the top institutes throughout the world. I have personally interacted with them. I repeatedly noticed in spite of their intellectual talents, they often had relationship problems much like normal people and sometimes very worse. This clearly indicates the severity of RQ-TQ imbalance in education throughout the world. This can be easily understood as problem with education itself. Like how I pointed out before in the context of poverty in section 1.5.3, academic institutions give most importance to skills necessary for learning, applying and innovating technology, ignoring education in relationships, management, teamwork, etc. There is no surprise that this will promote RQ-TQ imbalanced evolution. If we want to change the way people are educated to solve the RQ-TQ imbalance, we need to understand the science behind these phenomena, which we will discuss next.

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