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1.9 How I wrote this book

I grew in India in a middle class family. Because of my deep interest in physics, even before finishing my high school I have learned so much that I could have passed a physics PhD qualifying exam. Due to the social pressure in India, my undergraduate education was in Electronics and Communication Engineering. However, I did Master and doctoral degrees in physics in the USA. During these periods I continuously observed that relationship and psychological issues deeply influence development of science and technology and their application to solve human problems.

Because of my diverse background -- my living in two nations (USA and India) with different culture, economy, academic culture, and due to my sensitive mental makeup, and also because of my interest in diverse fields, I was able to make very important critical observations. Moving from one social environment to a quite different environment (US vs. India) in a different relational-economic setting gave me deep insights into people, relationship phenomena and socio-economic issues. Finally I invested about ten years of efforts to understand these insights learning and researching latest developments in variety of subjects that comes under social sciences and humanities. Eventually, the synthesis and analysis of the collections of events, observations about people and educational issues, experiences in physics research, and ideas from neuroscience, history, and other fields listed in section (I.3), brought me sufficient information and understanding to convince myself to write this book.

Initially, I started this book as a study relating relationship issues to creativity, innovation and economic success both at individual and global level. But I kept exploring and researching for deeper understanding. I have to rewrite this book three times during a course of eight years. Ultimately this book evolved into comprehensive and systematic discussion of human mind, relationships, human relational-economic evolution, and scientific relationism.

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