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Volume I

Emotions, Relationships and Human Advancement, Volume I

Human Mind and Relationships

by Suresh Maran


In this volume, I focus on the human individual and relationship phenomena between individuals. I discuss scientific discoveries regarding the function of human brain and how it relates to human behavior. I provide comprehensive study of human mind and relationships based on the latest scientific understandings of the human brain. I discuss how various human behaviors relate to different aspects of human mind.

I discuss different types of individuals based on their psychological and social makeup, and how the environment creates them. In this part, I only focus on individuals and interactions between them. I discuss the relationship phenomena during interaction between different types of individuals.

Benefits of this volume are as follows:

  • Benefits of this knowledge are that it helps to understand how human mind influence a person in his day to day life. Through this they help us in decision making, planning and choosing actions.

  • In parenting, it helps to understand how parents influence the personality of children. Using this they can tailor their parenting process to create future citizens who are talented and balanced both in intellectual and social skills to survive in future society.

  • It helps in marriage and love to understand partner’s wants, needs and sensitivities, so that they can develop stable relationships.

  • It helps to understand various types of personalities and choose one’s own action towards others to develop mutually beneficial relationships.

  • All these are very beneficial in promoting one’s career and, managing family and business affairs.

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