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Volume I: The Individual

The New Structured Foundations of Social Sciences, Volume I

The Individual

Volume I: The Human Mind, Relationships and Personal Success

by Suresh Maran

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In this volume, I discuss a systematic theory of human mind and relationship phenomena between individuals. I discuss scientific discoveries regarding the function of human brain and how it relates to human behavior. I provide comprehensive model for understanding of understanding the human emotions, and relationships phenomena. I discuss how our behavior, thoughts, emotions are interconnected to each other based on clear unified model. I discuss how general model understanding people’s personalities differences. I discuss how familial, social, cultural, and national factors shapes a person mind such as emotional sensitivities, personality, skills, characters, etc. I discuss how this is related to persons career, and also success in the their professions. In this part, I only focus on individuals and interactions between them. I discuss the theory of groups in the second volume. I discuss the relationship phenomena during interaction between different types of individuals.

What problems does this volume want to solve?
Every day in our life we go through interaction with others which deeply affects our emotional well-being. It all depends on how well interaction goes with others. Understanding another human being is a great mystery, and which puts our life at mercy of luck day to day to navigate our life. Depending on success or failure in navigating our relationship life we may end up happy or miserable or even suicidal sometimes. Inability to understand another person may result in the breakdown of family or business hurting us deeply. Nowadays, with governments having extensive military power, understanding the behavior of the leaders has become important. A wrong leader can potentially wreak havoc on the world.
We suffer through experiences that create deep wounds in us because of being cheated, assaulted, abused, or mistreated. Gathering such experiences creates sadness and depression, and rancorous memories throughout our life. This is what happens when we don’t understand the heart and mind of ours and others, and interact with little knowledge of the relational complexity, resulting in us spending the rest of our lives afraid of people.
A thorough understanding of people is necessary to fix all the above problems discussed. The first volume of the book is written for this purpose.
How could some people become so rich, but must remain at the bottom of the income pie, with a significant percentage of people living day to day on a meager income? The first volume explains the reason for this and tells how others can improve their personal success.

What this volume contains?
The first volume of the book gives explicit personality differences that differentiate us from others, about how we think, how we feel, and interact with others. The idea is described in detail in a systematic, structured, and logically consistent presentation.
In the first volume, I give a systematic description of a detailed model of the human mind and relationships. First, we discuss the structure of the human brain, critical loopholes in the brain, which influence and create problems in relationships by disrupting the good relationship between people and the consequences to humanity. Then I introduce a model organization of the human mind based on neuroscience. In this, we discuss and classify various instincts, emotions, and thoughts that drive human behaviors into multiple types. Next, we analyze the phenomena of relationship interactions. We extensively discuss different concepts related to human behaviors. We discuss how the behaviors of people and their talents are shaped from infancy to adulthood due to the environment. We discuss emotional differences in people and how they influence human behavior. In this part, we only focus on individuals and interactions between them. We also discuss how our talents and success in life are deeply related to the social environment around us. Using a multi-layer Model of mind, we discuss differences we account for cultural, ideological, and gender differences. We propose non-genetic mechanisms for the development of people diversity. We discuss the relationship phenomena during the interaction between different types of people. I discuss how our professions, and environment shapes our thought pattern. I discuss how emotions, thoughts, and our talents are interconnected and discuss how they are related to personal success.

Benefits of this knowledge are that it helps to understand how human mind influence a person in his day to day life. Through this they help us in decision making, planning, and choosing actions.

  • This volume helps understand how your emotions sensitivities, and mind is shaped by environment and how it shapes your perception of the world, people, around you

  • It helps in marriage and love to understand partner’s wants, needs and sensitivities, so that they can develop stable relationships.

  • All these are very beneficial in promoting one’s career and, managing family and business affairs.

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