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This website is dedicated to developing scientific foundations for human relationships as a part of UNITESERVE project. First let us briefly discuss the importance of relationships and why a scientific basis for relationships needs to be established. Human social life, and professional life depends on relationship activities. A person's psychological well-being is deeply related to relationships. All economic activities relating to production or services depend on relationship activities. To state briefly, the quality of our relationships with everything and everybody is the very basis of quality of our psychological and material wellbeing.

Usually human beings act on their heart and mind, within the freedom permitted by cultural or legal barriers. But, this often create problems. Schools and colleges don't teach how to handle relationship complexities brought about by human mind. If we want to teach relationships in our schools or colleges, it is very important to develop a scientific understanding of human mind, and how it shapes relationship phenomena. Promoting this endeavor is the purpose of this website.

Efforts are being put by researchers throughout the world to give a deeper understanding of relationships based on the latest scientific research. There are many popular books available. A comprehensive approach to relationships is not yet available. The book 'Emotions, Relationships and Human advancement' by Suresh Maran aims to fulfill this gap. This website will use it as a foundation to research relationships, and bring together ideas from various people throughout the world. A forum is built to address all the different areas of human relationships.

An organization UNITESERVE has been formed to research, revise and implement the ideas on scientific relationism to promote socio-economic advancement. To know the events related to it, visit the website for the organization