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Volume II

Emotions, Relationships and Human Advancement, Volume II

Human Relational and Economic Evolution

by Suresh Maran


I discuss how economic evolution is intimately connected to relational aspects of human evolution. I discuss how diversity and tolerance are intimately connected to economic development. I discuss how failure in relational aspects brings negative economic effects on nations, states and communities throughout history. Particularly I discuss the topics of education, research and creativity in different parts of the world which are intimately connected to social and economic processes. Finally, I summarize the ideas from volume I and II.

Benefits of this volume are follows:

  • It is helpful in designing national policies that promote help balanced national progress.

  • It is helpful in creating helpful relational environment that promotes economic advancement.

  • It helps in tackling violence in community by addressing the relational processes that leads to them.

  • It helps organizations in managing internal and external affairs, and promoting customer relationships.

  • It helps in improving educational policies.

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