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Volume III

Emotions, Relationships and Human Advancement, Volume III

Scientific Relationism and the Future of Humanity

by Suresh Maran


In this volume, I propose the philosophy of scientific relationism. It is a framework of self and relationship principles designed based on the first two volumes to help maximize the performance of a society such as material, psychological quality of life, and long term survivability of humanity. I discuss relationship principles for improving interpersonal relationships, organizations, community-individual relationships, family relationships, etc. I discuss problems in government, business and academia, and how to make progress in them. Finally, I list and discuss briefly the current critical problems in the world and ultimate goals for humanity to achieve.

As of now this volume puts many of the ideas in a structured format so that it can be easily understood and applied to various situations. This volume is only a trial edition. It needs to be extended by further research work. It can be extended extensively so that it applies to as much life situations as possible.

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