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The Intro to the Bookset

A book to know the world, people and thyself through the latest scientific insights, in depth and detail:

The New Structured Foundations of Social Sciences

by Suresh Maran

You have known yourself. Have you understood yourself? Learn the most comprehensive model of your mind.

You have known your family, friends, colleagues, country, and the world. How much do you understood them? Learn the relational and emotional characters of people and drastically improve in relationships.

You have known politics, history and economics. Do you know how these are shaped by human mind and vice-versa? Understand the interconnections between socio-culture and economics to promote each other.

Abstract of the bookset:

Our emotions are deeply interconnected with all our activities, including our thoughts. Even the activities that we think are nothing got to do with emotions, are influenced by it. The environment at each instant is influencing us and shaping how we feel whether we are aware or not.  It is important to understand how our emotions are influencing our life and how our emotions are influenced by the environment to maintain productivity, improve relations between people and nations, and avoid crises situations. This bookset gives extensive interaction between how emotions shape our thoughts, cultural activity, relations with others, and how emotions are shaped by these. The combined effect of these two ultimately decides our success as a group, which in terms shapes the relations and emotions of people. The ideas are discussed at both the individual level in the first volume, and group levels such as a state, nation, or the world in the second volume. The ideas give a full comprehensive role of emotions throughout human evolution. In the third volume, we apply the ideas learned from the second volume for emotional and relational management at individual or group levels such as organization, state, or nation to improve productivity and avoid crises.

Why is this bookset important for everyone?

About 300 years ago, Isaac Newton published a book called 'Principia Mathematica' which laid the foundations for physical sciences, gave power over nature around us, and started on a path of the sequence of scientific and technological advancements that shape our lives today. Unfortunately for social sciences, we did not have similar foundations that help understand relationship phenomena, so the world has been suffering from political conflicts, economic instabilities, and poverty because of a lack of understanding of human behavior and relationships. This imbalance is driving the current problems in the world such as global warming, economic inequality, inflation, pandemic, issues. The continuous trend of these issues will cause an existential crisis for the future of the human race.

As the world advances, we will have civilians who are untrained emotionally and relationally from the beginning of civilizations will mix with very advanced technology, with potentially catastrophic consequences. The three-volume book set 'The Emotional and Relational Foundations of Human Advancement’ is intended to promote relational advancement to balance the rapid technological advancement, and prevent destructive use of technology, and promote constructive growth. The foundations in the book are meant to be used for scientific management of interpersonal, national, international issues, prevention of future crises, economic management, and transformation. It will help redesign the education system so that it creates a balance of both technical and relationship skills.

For more up-to-date information regarding the threat of the imbalance in the advancement of technology and relationships, please read the author's paper “Analysis of global crises, catastrophic long-term trend, and prevention”, available online at scientificrelationism.com, or researchgate.net, or academia.edu.

The concepts in the three-volume bookset give you systematic foundations that will help you understand phenomena in all fields that involve human behavior, such as management, psychology, sociology, economics, relationships, family, history, politics, etc. This book is a must-read for all professionals and needs to be mastered as fast as possible.

What does this bookset contain?

The bookset gives a systematic description of the interconnection between emotions, relational phenomena, and the advancement of human life from the individual to nations to the whole human race. It gives detailed insight into how emotions and relations influence politics, economics, people diversity, history, science, cultural differences, etc. It also explains how all these influence each other.

The author introduces the concept called the RQ-TQ imbalance problem (RQ- Relational Intelligence, TQ Technical Intelligence), which refers to an imbalance in the two intelligences. The world's problems are purely solved by technological innovations, even if the root cause is relational in origin. The book gives systemic emotional and relational foundations to achieve a balanced intelligence necessary to solve the problems caused by global relational factors such as politics, educational, cultural, and economic factors.

The first volume of the bookset explains the origin of people's personality diversity and how a person's progress in life is interconnected to their emotional and relational makeup. The second volume describes the origin of cultural and political diversity of states and countries of the world. It interconnects how national economic advancement is related to political and social-cultural aspects. Finally, the third volume proposes a philosophy of scientific relationism to maximize a person, national or global peace and prosperity. These ideas help in managing their emotional and relational processes to achieve personal, national, or global peace and prosperity.

Who is this book is written for and how to use it?

This is the research edition of the book. Everybody can read this book, learn the ideas, and benefit from it. First and foremost, this book is aimed at those in economic planning, management, education, social science researchers, those who work in international and national organizations. This is necessary for planning and managing institutes, organizations, national planning, economic planning, understanding international issues. For those who are in research and academia, this book is very important to include relational education in training to balance the technical training.

The current educational system throughout the world is making the world dispositionally unbalanced promoting defensive emotions over connective emotions, and damaging family, community, national relational, economic advancement, etc. Lack of training in managing relational complexity has made the world crises prone. Those who work in educational planning need to use the ideas to replan the education to make it relational-based rather than technical skills and competition-based, to achieve a dispositionally balanced educational system. Necessary changes need to be made to make education both relational and technical intelligence balanced.

The slide below shows the potential applications of the ideas in the bookset to the following:
Parents, Businessmen, Teachers, Students, Scientists, Academic Leaders, Policy Makers, Investors and Community Leaders.

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In short this book aims to provide comprehensive analysis of impact of human relationships on human well-being. Concepts are developed and hypotheses are made by inductive modelling from facts. Reader can see throughout the book that most proposals fit together very well in the big picture. The ideas in this book are brief. It opens large number of leads to further research. Current edition is a trial edition. It will be refined continuously in further editions.

The ideas in this bookset are the deepest and most comprehensive discussion of human mind, relationships and human advancement. The ideas will drastically improve self-management, relationship management, social issues, economic issues, policy making, economic growth and quality of human life.

The book has three different volumes:

Volume I: The Individual – The human mind, relationships, and personal success.

Discusses in detail powerful basic concepts for understanding human mind, relationship phenomena, people personality diversity and personal success.

Volume II: The human evolution – The relational and economic evolution of nations and groups

Discusses the evolution of humanity, and emergence of differences and interconnection between cultural, political and economic aspects around the world all the way from the human origin to present.

Volume III: Scientific Relationism – The Relational Principles for a fit society.

Brings together ideas from the first two volumes, and, proposes basic principles and basic ideas on how to optimize relationships so that people can maximize peace, prosperity and long term survivability of humanity.

Please click here to download a free copy of the introduction chapter of the bookset.