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Intro to the Bookset

A book to know the world, people and thyself through the latest scientific insights, in depth and detail:

Theories on Humanity

Emotions, Relationships and Human Advancement

by Suresh Maran

You have known yourself. Have you understood yourself? Learn the most comprehensive model of your mind.

You have known your family, friends, colleagues, country, and the world. How much do you understood them? Learn the relational and emotional characters of people and drastically improve in relationships.

You have known politics, history and economics. Do you know how these are shaped by human mind and vice-versa? Understand the interconnections between socio-culture and economics to promote each other.

The book-set aims to give an in-depth understanding into human mind, relationships, people, and human psychological and relational evolution in a neutral and objective manner, at individual, local, national and global level. It builds on the latest understanding in brain research and the facts that everybody knows. It builds systematic model of mind and people relational behavior. This helps understand complexities of human mind, and how it influence people’s world view and relationship to oneself and others.

The slide below shows the potential applications of the ideas in the bookset to the following:
Parents, Businessmen, Teachers, Students, Scientists, Academic Leaders, Policy Makers, Investors and Community Leaders.

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    • Understand your personality and its influence on your children.
    • Understand how parenting environment may influence your children's personality.
    • Manage your children’s speaking, thinking, and social Intelligence.
    • Gain well-rounded personality to compete in the modern world.

    • Understand personality types of you, your customers and employees;
    • Learn how these will influence the group dynamics at work.
    • Learn how your mind will influence your decisions and business growth
    • Learn to optimize the working environment.

    • Learn your teaching pattern and how your mental makeup shapes it.
    • Understand the students preferred learning modes.
    • Learn how to balance creativity, knowledge and learning among students.
    • Identify and learn how to manage extreme student types.

    • Learn the skills needed to compete.
      • Communication skills.
      • Creative thinking skills.
      • Self-Management skills.
      • Relational Management Skills.
    • Understand how your personality will shape your future.
    • How to deal with parents and teachers.

    • Improve productivity by removing subjectivity: understand how your emotional sensitivities are influencing your research.
    • Learn to interface with businesses and bring in revenue.
    • Learn business skills to sell your ideas.
    • Identify research areas to which you can contribute.

    • Create an environment that balances creativity and learning.
    • Learn how to teach relationship and self-management skills.
    • Create the next generation leaders.
    • Create the academic curriculum to exploit the full potential of student mind.

    • Learn the connection between social environment and business growth.
    • Learn ways to interface businesses and academic institutes.
    • Understand your academic and business environment.
    • Learn these and other new guidelines that promote economic growth.

    • Understand how the political and social environment will impact investments.
    • Identify business leaders and businesses with aptitude to succeed.
    • Learn how your mind will influence your decision making process and business growth.

    • Learn to create a community that promotes
      • economic growth
      • creativity
      • quality of life
    • Create an inclusive society
    • Mold the community into a competitive international team.

In short this book aims to provide comprehensive analysis of impact of human relationships on human well-being. Concepts are developed and hypotheses are made by inductive generalization from facts. Reader can see throughout the book that most proposals fit together very well in the big picture. The ideas in this book are brief. It opens large number of leads to further research. Current edition is a trial edition. It will be refined continuously in further editions.

The ideas in this bookset are the deepest and most comprehensive discussion of human mind, relationships and human advancement. The ideas will drastically improve self-management, relationship management, social issues, economic issues, policy making, economic growth and quality of human life.

The book has three different volumes:

Volume I: Theory of Human Mind and Relationships.

Discusses in detail powerful basic concepts for understanding human mind, relationship phenomica, people personality diversity and personal success.

Volume II: Theory of Human Evolution. (Relational and Economic)

Discusses the evolution of humanity, and emergence of differences and interconnection between cultural, political and economic aspects around the world all the way from the human origin to present.

Volume III: Theory of Scientific Relationism

Brings together ideas from the first two volumes, and, proposes basic principles and basic ideas on how to optimize relationships so that people can maximize peace, prosperity and long term survivability of humanity.

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