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1.4 Human Evolution and this book

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Human species have been living in this planet for quite a while. There are many proposals about how they came into existence. The famous Darwin’s theory addresses the issue of the physical origin of human being on planet earth. Even though, Darwin’s theory has been accepted as a scientific theory by scientific community, there are alternative theories such as creationism exists. There are also a vast majority of people who doesn’t like or accept Darwin’s theory or creationism, and take an intermediate stance, they believe in evolution guided through divine influence. Nevertheless, the purpose of this book is to discuss what happened after humanity physically emerged as the most dominant species on planet earth that can think and speak.

After Homo sapiens emerged as a group, its evolution was in the realm of social, political and economic activities, while its physical and genetic structure has remained quite stable, as indicated by archeological and genetic research. Humanity is being shaped through the interaction between these main components. We will see that solving problems in one component requires solving problems in the other components. In this book we will comprehensively analyze this evolution and come up with ideas to improve the survivability of humanity, and, the material and psychological realm quality of life.

The general ideas for understanding human mind and relationship phenomena I propose are based on extensive research. This includes:

· Continuous and extensive interaction with people throughout the world for last twenty five years.

· Numerous insights and facts from modern scientific developments in areas such as neuroscience, history, archaeology, anthropology, sociology, psychology, management sciences, human evolution and geography;

· Extensive investigation in history, economics, and current events in international issues.

To help solve human problems, we explore the interconnection between social and economic processes discussed. In general I provide integrated comprehensive discussion of the social, economic, and historic phenomena in the world and the interactions between them. I discuss how these phenomena are intimately connected. I discuss the diversity of these factors around the world and their origin. We will see that these ideas give systematic framework for addressing and tackling many of the human problems.

Because of the wide variety of phenomena that this book intends to address, the discussions will be brief on each issue. Yet you will see how they all fit very well in simple and intuitive set of basic ideas.

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