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What is the RQ-TQ imbalance problem and why it is the greatest challenge facing humanity?

Downloadable arcticle on this topic is at THE RQ-TQ IMBALANCE PROBLEM.

RQ means relational intelligence. TQ means relational intelligence. I introduced the RQ-TQ imbalance problem five years ago through two YouTube video posts and public posting of the introduction to the book. But it has not yet created enough attention, and it is time that the world addresses this issue.

Low RQ doesn’t mean people are bad and immoral. It means the lack of knowledge and skills because of lack of knowledge, education, and/or training. This is like technical skills, which are acquired by education and training. The educational system throughout the world is ignoring training in RQ. Relationships are considered a personal matter. This results in people engaging in untrained relational activities particularly in professions that deep impact on the world such as in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) fields, economic, or financing. Leading to complications at levels individual to global issues. Usually, problems in economic activities are often blamed on technological problems or some people.

Balance of RQ and TQ is required for all economic activities. We are not only dealing with computers, gadgets, and skills but continuously with people. Some people naturally have a balance of these, and they are quite successful in life. RQ and TQ imbalance can be blamed for many of the problems in the world, war, violence, and poverty, etc. For more information, please refer to [2]. Inequality is largely an RQ issue. Some people are naturally lucky to be relationally intelligent. These help in entrepreneurship, and they become very rich. Most others remain poor. In other words, inequality in RQ is related to inequality in income. Recently advancement of technology is leading to disruptions of relationships the economic growth was driven largely by defensive emotions leading to major global issues and putting a risk to civilization.  For more information, please refer to [1].

The solution to solving the RQ-TQ imbalance required is created in the book by the author: The New Structured Foundations of Social Sciences.

A major organization is proposed to solve this issue. For more information, please refer to [3]

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  3. The UNITESERVE project

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