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Why is this book and UNITESERVE project is important for the survival of human race?

The book “Emotional and relational foundations of Human Advancement” is written to tackle the most important problems. While the world is advancing quite fast, but the advancement is quite unbalanced. The technology is advancing fast but our relational advancement quite slow. The important reason is the lack of proper understanding of human behavior, which main culprit between the current global problems. For information please read reference [1].
People behavior is no longer a personal matter. Because what we do have serious consequence to everybody. Higher we are in hierarchy of government, organization, or an institute more important it becomes. Stock markets, economic activity, career choices are driven by our emotions and our relational activity. Unless we get deeper understanding of how our own emotion’s shapes these, we will not be able to properly maintain these activities to be productive.
Our choice of leaders, interaction between leaders and people are all influenced by emotions. So, it is very important for understanding relational and emotional behavior.
So much history has happened with war, genocide, poverty, fascism, oppression, and economic collapse has happened in future. The only way to prevent the repetition of this is to get deeper understanding of all these historical phenomena.
The book “Emotional and relationship foundation of Human Advancement” is written to help understand the role of human emotions in human history and help understand how these emotions are shaped by the relational environment. It tells how emotions shape: economic differences, political conflicts, cultural differences, work culture, personal growth, educational politics, interpersonal conflicts.
Faster we introduce emotional literacy and use the influence of emotions in our behavior in economic, educational and national planning, better it is. Otherwise, humanity may face have long term global catastrophe.