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1.2 Economy and Society

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One of the important issues we focus on this book is economic growth. We can roughly summarize economics as follows:

Economics = Technology + Relationships

Economic production is all about people getting together and working together to produce products and services using the available technology. In any economic activity, people, apart from manipulating the technological tools to produce products or provide services, rest is all relationship activity. So economic production depends very much on relationship activity.

Now-a-days technology is rapidly evolving. Innovation requires a relational environment which promotes creativity. Only few places in the world seem to have the proper social environment for innovation. Most places in the world rapidly assimilate technological innovations available. But,

Technological skills themselves don’t become good economics.

The relational processes involved such as business team work, industry-consumer interaction, industry-government interaction, people-nature interaction, political processes, government-people interaction, and, advertisement and sales, etc., to promote effective production and utilization of services and products to improve overall quality of life in people, etc. are crucial. Also stock market investment and return depends so much on relationship processes. Managing environment-people relationships are important part of healthy economics.

Technology and relationship activity depends on mental processes. We see that economic growth, particularly in a way that it promotes quality of life depends on good mental and relationship processes. Healthy economics can also be considered as one that helps in long term survival and good emotional well-being. To accomplish a healthy economics or society, this book provides comprehensive analysis and discussion for proper understanding of mind and relationships, in this book set. We will discuss all factors discussed in the last paragraph throughout this book set.

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