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1.1 The Purpose of this book Set

To simply put, this book set intends to help solve human problems. Solving human problems requires improving mental (intellectual, emotional, etc.) and relationship (human interaction) skills, as most human activities are mental and relationship activities. The purpose of this bookset is to provide a comprehensive analysis and discussion of human mind and relationships to tackle human problems. Let me discuss these statements further.

First, let us lay down the list of human problems that this bookset intends to tackle. People are dissatisfied with education, concerned with parenting methods, career, business and family issues. They are concerned with tremendous differences in the economic development and income throughout the world and within communities. Moreover, the rich nations suddenly suffer of economic depression and economic stagnations. We see a world plagued by personal, national and community conflicts. Global warming, environmental issues, inequality, poverty, crime, divorce, politics, drug abuse, violence, etc. – make us think about how to overcome these problems. This book set is motivated by the need to solve these human problems.

People have suffered through numerous such problems throughout history. The journey of humankind from its prehistoric roots to the modern world is a story of trials, tragedies, suffering and intermittent progress. We live in one of the best times in human history, with the world steadily undergoing economic development. Yet, much progress needs to be made. The listed problems and many other problems hassle both rich and poor[1]nations.

To solve these problems one needs to understand the activities involving these problems are essentially human mental and relationship activities, as I have stated before. For example, parenting and education are relationship and mental activities. Economic activities are managed and executed by social and mental activities. Global warming and environmental issues are the issues of relationship of humans to nature. Similarly we can see that other activities are governed by relationship and mental activities. So solving people problems in all these activities requires comprehensive understanding of human mind and relationship phenomena for improving mental and relationship skills. Later we will see how this will be accomplished in this book.

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