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1.5.4 Importance of tackling RQ-TQ imbalanced evolution problem

Nations military power has been growing continuously throughout history. Now mankind has enough power to destroy the entire species, yet major powers in the world don’t have healthy relations among them. Humanity has the power to destroy the planet by abuse of technology or weapons. Technology will replace manual labor, and even many white collar jobs through development in artificial intelligence, jobs that will be relevant are those that depend in RQ.

Even though the overall RQ factor is improving, the TQ factor is increasing much faster as we can obviously observe around world. This is a great threat to human survival. Until now the Academia has always focused on TQ. Hereafter we need to focus on RQ and it should be given primary importance. So this book aims to use new models of mind and relationships based on latest development in brain science to understand relationship issues and come up with solutions to improve RQ.

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